Making a Difference from a Distance

Gift Card & Hospital Rescue Combating COVID-19

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Want to help?

We have local restaurants and hospitals that are accepting donations now. Every dollar makes a difference!

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Local Businesses

Do you have a service or meals that can help the frontline today? Contact us today. It's incredibly easy to set up!

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Hospitals & Essential Services

Enable your local business’ to help you combat COVID-19 be providing food and services to your front line workers.

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The Loop Platform

Loop is an automated promotions tool that enables marketers to personalize communication and channel touch points through to seamless ROI measurement.

How does it work?

These are just some of many local partners who are getting up and running on the the Loop platform. Interested in joining?

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Contact Loop

Loop is a remote company, but you can find us in Detroit, MI most days. If you'd prefer to reach out directly please call or email any time.

p: 734-765-5631
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